A  trucker cap is a type of soft cap with a rounded crown and a stiff peak projecting in front. The front of the cap typically contains designs or logos of sports teams or other strange brands that people normally don´t recognize . 


Snapbacks got their start in sports during the 1950s but declined as fitted hats became more popular. It wasn’t until the ’80s and ’90s that snapbacks blew up in the hip hop scene and they gained popularity across the hat-wearing world. They use plastic snaps to adjust the diameter (size) of the hat.

Snapbacks can generally be found on truckers, baseball, and old school Starter style hats. Baseball caps are made of many types of material and shaped in various styles for different purposes.


Major and minor league baseball players wear classic-style caps made of wool (or, more recently, polyester) with their team's simple logo and colors; the logo is usually embroidered into the fabric.

a format from

CAP  "BASIC" cap  [Just a basic Cap]

Abdi  "SPAWN"  Mohamed


Abdi "SPAWN" Mohamed broke the elbow during a football match in 2002



Q - Does SPAWN like other colors on the cap?

A - NO


Q - How is the preferred cap-placing for SPAWN?

- It´s a tricky question, normally SPAWN have the cap placed front direction.


Q - How many caps does SPAWN have?

- Many "excluding" sponsor caps.


Q - Are there any other front figures using caps?

- EHHHH YES!  What do you think?


Q - Have you ever knit your own cap?  If yes in what yarn?

- No  and sorry.


Q - Do you have any tricks and tighten the knob if it is loosened?

Yes, definitely, I use a refurbished nutcracker as a tool and it works fine.

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